At The DAMEX Corporation, we are your state certified Naples mold removal and remediation specialists. We provide services to homes and businesses in Naples and throughout all of southwest Florida. We have been serving the area since 1982 and are proud to have successfully completed more than 26,000 customers. We have earned the trust of our neighbors as well as most insurance providers, and we are the right choice for any home or business owner dealing with mold in Naples.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Naples

All The DAMEX Corporation employees are required to successfully complete in-depth training and earn the Microbial Remediation Certification from the Indoor Air Quality Council. Because of their extensive training and certifications, they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to properly deal with mold.

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Our Mold Removal Process

Black MoldPrior to removing mold from your home or business, we need to know exactly what type of mold we’re dealing with and precisely how to eliminate. A third party will perform a mold test and develop a radiation plan. This step costs, on average, between $500 and $1,000. Though the initial investment may seem steep, it is essential in ensuring that we can solve your mold problem.

With the test results and a remediation plan in hand, we can create our own abatement plan and generate a detailed invoice. This invoice will be provided to both you and your insurance company and will list, in detail, the tools, materials, safety equipment and labor necessary to fix your mold problem. Because there are several variables, the cost of mold removal and remediation often varies greatly. On average, though, the project costs upwards of $3,000.

Mold can lead to serious health problems and needs to be removed immediately. At The DAMEX Corporation, we offer the Naples mold removal and remediation services you need. If you have reason to suspect the presence of mold in your home or business, call 800-226-4060 now.

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